Morning Half-Day Boat Tour to Kleftiko and Gerakas 


With our Half Day Morning Cruise to Kleftiko Gerakas, starting from Agia Kiriaki, you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and explore some of the island’s most beautiful spots in a Small Group

Departures Daily from Agia Kiriaki

(South East Milos) 10.00 

Half Day Boat Tour

to Kleftiko – Gerakas 10.00-15.00

Available from

01/05/2023 – 16/10/2023

Two stops per Trip

1 hour in Kleftiko & 1 hour in Gerakas Beach

Duration 4 ½ - 5 Hours

Small Group up to 17 people

11m Traditional wooden boat

With wc and Seats all around, Big shaded area and plenty of space to relax.

Prices from 50€

children<12y 30€

Half-Day-Morning-Cruise-Kleftiko Area Armi-Sea-Excursions

We were the first that offered Half day Boat Tours to Milos coastline from Agia kiriaki and one of the biggest advantages is the flexibility. Since the tour only lasts for a few hours, you will have plenty of time to explore other parts of the island.

Additionally, since we have small groups, you will enjoy a more personalized experience and get to know fellow travelers. Our experienced crew will guide you through top sights, sharing their knowledge and stories about Milos’ rich history and culture.

You will enjoy a 4 ½ hours trip at the south of the island. The boat is sailing coast to coast and is protected by the north wind and his waves (The sea is flat when the summer north wind, Meltemi is blowing).

During the trip we are reaching the magnificent site of Kleftiko where you will appreciate swimming through the caves in the clear and turquoises water (1 hour stop) and the unbelievable sandy beach of Gerakas (1 hour stop), where you can access only by boat.

Additional Information
  • Meeting point: Agia Kiriaki Beach –  Armi Sea Excursion spot (at the right side on the beach road, see map)
  • Meeting time:  09:30 
  • Sightseeing – pass by: kalamos, Gerakas, Tsigrado, Fyriplaka, Provatas-Agios Sostis, Psathadika, Xilokeratia, Gerontas, Kleftiko.
  • Stop & Route Details: The captain in Kleftiko sails close to the coast and give you the opportunity to enjoy and photograph all the area and then anchors inside the famous bay.  In Gerakas our beautiful trehantiri anchors very close to the sandy beach and you are an instant away from the shore. You can see the route here
  • Arriving time: 14:30-15.00
  • Please note that we don’t have transfer service to Agia Kiriaki. You will need to come with your own transportation
What's included
  • Masks
  • Drinks: Refreshments, Water, Wine, Raki – (You can also bring your own snack and drink)
  • Seasonal Fruit
  • Extra life jackets for kids
  • Swimming Aids
Armi Boat
  • Traditional wooden boat
  • Type “Trehantiri”
  • Length 11 Meters
  • Seats all around
  • Big shaded area
  • WC
  • Our “trechadiri”, or as we call it “Armi”(Αρμη – water with high salt content), is a traditional Greek boat type, that has been used for centuries for fishing and transportation along the Aegean Sea. Trechantiri is a wooden boat, which varies in length, with a curved hull and pointed ends. The boat’s design is optimized for stability and speed, allowing it to navigate rough waters and maintain a steady course. The “trehantiri” is often painted in bright colors and adorned with decorative motifs, such as our iconic blue and white, commonly associated with Greek island culture
Overview & Details

Agia Kiriaki-Kleftiko-Gerakas-Agia Kiriaki

1 ) Milos Boat Trip 10:00 to 15:00 – The first and original Morning Half Day tour to South coast of Milos:

The traditional wooden “trechadiri” will pick you up from Agia Kiriaki beach at 10:00 in the morning. Then you you will enjoy a 4 1/2  hours trip at the south of the island.

The boat is sailing coast to coast and is protected by the north wind and his waves (The sea is flat at the south when the summer north winds or “Meltemi” is blowing).

During the trip we are reaching first the magnificent site of Kleftiko, where you will appreciate swimming through the caves, in crystal clear and turquoises water (1hour stop).

Then on the way back we will stop an hour at the unbelievable sandy beach of Gerakas where you can access only by boat.


We start from Agia Kyriaki, a long sandy beach on the southeast side of the island. which is known for its crystal clear waters. The access to Agia Kiriaki is very easy and it‘s about 10-15min from Adamantas Port. 

Agia kiriaki is a very good spot for swimming and sunbathing, has a tavern, a beach bar with ombrelas and a restaurant very close, you can also find very nice to relaxing under the shade in one of the many “armirikia” (Tamarix tree) that exist along the beach.

There is also a big parking area at the center of the beach, or you can park along the beach road. Our spot is at the right when you reaching the beach (see map).

In our trip to the south side of the island, we see the beauty of the nature, which is a result of the Milos long volcanic activity, dates back millions of years and has some of the most stunning and unique geological formations in the region.

Leaving Agia Kiriaki, we pass first the Kalamos Cape where is the south-eastern extension of the crater of the Kalamos Volcano. One of the most striking features on the south side of Milos Island is the presence of white, towering cliffs that rise out of the turquoise waters. These cliffs are made of volcanic tuff, which is a type of rock that forms from the consolidation of volcanic ash and pumice.

The cliffs were formed through a combination of volcanic activity and erosion and they are particularly beautiful when seen from the water. And a great example of that is one of our stops, the unbelievable sandy beach of Gerakas with the sandfalls where you can access only by boat. (Don’t confuse this beach with Gerontas beach, which is accessible and we pass it before Kleftiko)

After Gerakas we continue to sail close to the coast and we do a slow pass from Tsigrado where you can take photos. Tsigrado Beach is famous because is accessible by a staircase carved into the Cliffside (a very tiny beach which usually in summer getting packed very quick through the day).

Very close to Tsigrado is Firiplaka Beach, which is another popular beach on the south side of Milos Island. The beach features crystal-clear waters and white sand, making it a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. There is also a Beach Bar making it a great spot to relax and enjoy the island’s scenery.

Leaving the area of Fyriplaka we see the Gulf of Provatas and Agios Sostis, a fine golden sand beach, popular also destination for sunbathing and swimming.

After Provatas we see the small Psathadika bay and from that point in our views starting to  emerges the Halakas Mountain, which is one of the most prominent natural landmarks on Milos Island. Located in the southwest of the island, is a volcanic peak that rises to a height of 751 meters above sea level. The mountain is visible from many parts of the island and is a Destination for Hikers and Nature Enthusiasts.

Halakas Mountain was formed as a result of volcanic activity, and it is made up of several layers of volcanic rock. The lower slopes of the mountain are covered in dense vegetation, including olive trees, juniper bushes, and wildflowers. The fauna on Halakas is equally diverse and it is home to several species of birds, reptiles, and mammals, including lizards and snakes.

Continuing to sail along the south coast, we will see the Xylokeratia area a small rocky bay which is very close to the next view, Gerontas beach, a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, surrounded by cliffs and rock formations that creating a breathtaking backdrop. Gerontas and Xylokeratia are accessible by road and a few minutes small path.

Leaving Gerontas we will see another big mining area, mines are a significant part of the island’s history and culture and Milos has a rich mining heritage that dates back thousands of years and the extraction of minerals such as Obsidian, Sulfur, Bentonite and others.

After a few minutes sail we will enter in Kleftiko Area, a stunning and unique geological formation that was once used as a Pirate Hideout and this is where the name comes from. The area features towering white cliffs, crystal-clear turquoise waters and many sea caves. It is a must-see place if you are visiting milos and what a better way to see & enjoy it with us!

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We reserve the right to cancel the cruises due to bad weather conditions or other safety reasons. If the cruise is being cancelled, the full amount will be refunded.